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Make Peace a Practice

This is a sacred place to practice finding stillness, delight, and insight amidst the chaos of daily life. Even if it’s just a moment. To accept the ephemeral nature of each day, and make a conscious decision to revel in the unique gift of beingeven when it seems the most difficult thing in the world.

Take a Moment for You

Close Your Eyes

Take a moment to be in your happy place, your sacred circle, or where you are now.

Stretch your Neck

Side to side, stretching up, and slowly dropping it down, feel the tension melt.

Take a Belly Breath

Let breath be your movement; your path to a place of ease and calmness.

Be Grateful

Being grateful gives me the momentum to move forward.

A Midwinter celebration

How beautiful it is to be like the bee, tasting spring even in the depths of darkness. Here we are in the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. Outside the ground is frozen stiff, and animal friends curl tightly in their dens, noses tucked into downy bellies. The windowpane is cold to the touch but through it, I see verdant stinging nettles, hopeful crests of vetch, and the green lace of California poppies braving the season. Soon, they too will bloom. 

Winter is for women – the woman, still at her knitting… the bees are flying. They taste the spring.

Sylvia Plath

Keeping sunshine year round

When I think of lemons, my mind leaps to the Mediterranean. Bountiful trees along the Greek island coast, laden with fruit and an intoxicating, come-hither parfum. The thrill I get from plucking the fruit only moments before adding it to a dinner — elevating a mostly humble meal into something nearing perfection.