Welcome, and thank you for your presence. I’m honored you’re here, and I hope you leave this space feeling as though you’ve been visited by an old friend who wants nothing more than to ply you with tea, foraged treasures, and impossibly random information. 

Citrus y Sea embraces the wisdom of joyful living. The choice to find peace, beauty, and insight amidst the chaos, even for a moment. To accept the ephemeral nature of each day, and make a concerted effort to revel in the unique gift of being – even when it seems the most difficult thing in the world. 

The larger picture is a personal effort of reclamation. I want to trace my heritage and find richness in my life through traditions that have slipped through the hands of generations before me like batons in a relay race.  The knowledge that is my cultural birthright has been taken from me by the machinations of religion, patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, and other exploitative systems. I feel it’s my responsibility and privilege to reclaim this and share it.

I’m a Northern-European-American currently living on unceded (read: stolen) Te’po’ta’ahl and yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini lands. These tribes are known also as Salinan ​​and Chumash respectively. The region is most commonly known as California’s Central Coast. I am in an inter-cultural marriage with an Eastern European and have lived extensive periods of time globally, so a lot of the traditions I support have come from travels and the knowledge of my in-laws. I will always strive to give honor, credit, and support to the people I’ve learned from. I accept I will make errors that will provide more opportunities for growth and awareness. This is a life’s work I am committing to. A life filled with curiosity, compassion, clarity, courage, confidence, creativity, calmness, and above all, connectedness.*

Once again, thank you for being here, I’m truly looking forward to connecting with you on a meaningful level. We can get (and stay) in touch via email: citrusysea@protonmail.com and Instagram @citrusysea

*From the Self-Leadership Wheel of Internal Family Systems.